Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 9- Greenie Time

Dear Family and Friends,
Elder McGinn has officially landed in IOWA. He is now in the field and the field is white.
He is so excited to finally be in DES MOINES, IOWA.
He called his mom and dad this morning at about 6:30am from the airport in Salt Lake City.
He reports that all is well. He is staying healthy and loved his time in the MTC.
He mentioned that he really looks forward to being back in a ward family. He has missed
being a part of a ward family.
A ward is the group of people that we meet with every Sunday at church. It is determined
by ward boundaries. It depends on where you live on what ward you go to. You can go
to or to learn more about wards.
He said to send his love to you all and he wants you to know how grateful he is
for your prayers.
We will look forward to getting his next letter on Monday, November 19, 2012.
His preparation day will now be Mondays.
Our love to you all and thanks again for all of your support,
Kevin and Tori McGinn
Continue to keep him in your prayers!!

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