Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 8- Travel Plans are Great!

Hola todos!
We got our travel plans finally!! I have a flight to Minnesotaat 8:40am on Wednesday the 14th and then fly down to Iowaand my arrival time in Des Moinesis about 3:00pm. So a week from today and I will be in the "field". Im stoked! This also means that I only have a week left in the MTC! That is precious time I have to keep studying the doctrine, mastering the Spanish language, and enjoy "free" meals 3 times a day haha so this week has been awesome! We got to meet with a girl who just moved to Uruguay to Utah in March. She had never been to America before and her English was terrible but her husband is going to school at BYU. This was amazing because Elder Pena and I had been preparing a lesson about sacrifice to share. We were able to talk about the sacrifices in her life and discuss the sacrifice that Abraham was asked to make with his son, Isaac. We discussed how our Heavenly Father had literally sacrificed his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for us, the rest of his children. We discussed how part of this life is learning how to sacrifice and use the Atonement of Christ in our lives to cleanse us from our sins and imperfections. The sacrifice that Heavenly Father and Christ want us to make is one of a broken heart (humility and compassion) and a contrite spirit (sincere and real intent of righteous desires). Our goal in this life is to become like Christ. He never judged, sincerely loved all others, forgave everyone, and most importantly, served all those around him. He has atoned for us and has set the example for us to follow. My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, have faith in him and follow his example of baptism and continually doing good one to another. My plea is for everyone who has a sincere desire to be good and do good, to pray to their Heavenly Father, read his words in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, then to pay attention to how they feel when they do these things and what they can then do to bring others these feelings of peace and joy. The Church is true. Joseph Smith was called of God and is his prophet in these latter-days like Moses was in his day. We have the authority from God to perform the saving ordinance of baptism. So come and be baptized, be born again into a new person who has a desire to be like Christ. All we can do is strive to be like him and to do our best, but if we do this, He promises to take care of the rest. Lets take His yoke and His burden upon us, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Love you all! Ciao!
-Elder Seth McGinn

Elder Seth McGinn
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