Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey and Beans!

Hola todos!
So the subject is turkey and beans because thats what you get when your a Spanish missionary covering a both English and Spanish branch haha I had a great traditional turkey and stuffing dinner in the afternoon with a less active family and then a dinner that night with Jaime (hi-may), who is basically a member missionary who feeds us all the time. He made us some weird meat stuff and lots of beans- it was delicious! He is from El Salvador and lives in this tiny basement but he lives missionary work and talks to everyone about the gospel.
And I know they say that Turkey makes you feel tired, but this year, it sounds like it set off some lovey dovey hormones haha but congrats to Parker and Rachel on their engagement and also Meesh and Joe!!! its about time...hah and also, Im so happy for my dad and his new calling!! He has always been an example for me to follow and I hope I can develop the love and diligence he has in serving the Lord and His people.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but our mission has a goal of 400 baptisms this year. President Jergensen said that the Lord told him at the beginning of this year that there are 400 souls prepared and ready to be baptized in 2012. Needless to say, we have been working our tails off to find those 400 souls so they can accept the gospel and enter into a covenant to follow the Lord. As of right now, we have 323 total baptisms this year, so we have 77 more to go if we are to reach the goal the Lord has set for us. We have 117 baptismal dates set for december so it is attainable, but most of those dates need to follow through! Im asking for prayers so that these wonderful people cannot be tempted away from their commitment, but rather hold firm to it so they can receive a remission of their sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost! Elder Arellano and I have 3 investigators with a date. One lives on the outskirts of our area which is about an hour away from our apartment (we live in our own apartment btw) but she is moving into Perry(city where we live) tomorrow, so we should be3 able to have more time teaching her and guiding her to baptism! The other 2 just moved from Massachusettsto Perry. They are the parents of the mother of the family of 4 that we just baptized on the 17th of November. They are progressing so well and Saturday night, we took home a huge jar of coffee and tea as they agreed to live the word of wisdom haha it took some persuasion but we agreed to bring back a lot of hot chocolate to replace the coffee ;) Things seem to be getting better each and everyday and I am so grateful for the gospel knowledge that we have as Latter-Day Saints. I talk to so many people each day who are visible struggling with addictions or afflictions and I try to share the only message that will redeem them but they are so quick to ignore the truth. Satan truly has grasped so many people in this world, by way of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. If only they would wake up and let the "scales of darkness fall from their eyes" so they could see the truth, which is Jesus Christ and His Plan of Happiness and Redemption, which is only made possible by His infinite atoning sacifice! The way is stait and the path is narrow. He is the way! So always remember the invitation that is constantly extended by Him who is mighty to save, "Come, follow me." I love you all and pray that you will seek to do good continually and pressforward with steadfastness in Christ, feasting upon His word and His truth. This church bears His name because it is His church. Les amo y cuidese!
Elder Seth McGinn
8515 Douglas Ave. Ste. 19
Urbandale, IA 50322

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