Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 6- Get the Ice Picks

Hola todos!! Qué tal?
It is freezing this morning in Provo!! I am starting to get a little nervous about the winter in Iowa haha THanks mom and dad for the sweaters and shirts! They fit great and I am wearing them right now! We have gotten a lot done this week and have learned a lot. Last night, our devotional speaker was Elder Larry Echo Hawk (he spoke in General Conference) and he talked about his conversion story. What I learned most from it is that we must always remember that conversion is a process and baptism is just the beginning of it! I have learned the importance of gaining the members trust in the wards where I will serve, because it is absolutely essential that the new converts have spiritual mentors and FRIENDS in the wards which they live! It is so important that the ward members open their arms and hearts to new converts and help them become more converted to the Lord!
Also, Sunday night, we got to watch a talk by Elder Bednar about Recognizing the Spirit. It was such a powerful talk and has helped me a lot in understanding the Spirit and how it works. He related a story of when he was a 20 year old missionary in Germany. The junior member of the Quorum of the 12 was Boyd K. Packer and he needed to reach a connecting flight in Berlin from Munich. Elder Bednar was an Assistent to the President at the time and was responsible to picking up Elder Packer and his wife from the Munich Airport and getting them on a midnight train to Berlin. Elder Bednar gave Elder Packer 20 Marks (german money) at the train station in case Elder and Sister Packer got hungry on the train. Elder Bednar does not remember handing him this money at all. Elder Packer informed Elder Bednar 30 years later that as they were traveling on that train through communist East Germany to reach Berlin, East German guards boarded the train to check passports. Sister Packers passport was not accepted by the East German guards on the train and they were about to take her off the train in East German territory. That is when Elder Packer remembered the 20 marks in his pocket and pleaded with the East German guard to let them stay on the train to Berlin. It was allowed as the East German guard took the 20 mark note (lot of money in 1972) and let them continue on the train. The significance of this story is that Elder Bednar did not receive any kind of grand spiritual impression to give them a 20 mark note, and did not even remember doing so, but that 20 mark note saved Elder and Sister Packer a lot of trouble as they passed through dangerous, communist East Germany. Elder Bednar did not know about this story until 30 years after it happened, but obviously knew it was a spiritual impression that prompted him. Elder Bednar promises that if you are trying your best to be good, honor your covenants and keeping the commandments, you will be guided by the Holy Ghost without even knowing it. Very few times will we have a strong spiritual impression of something to do beforehand, but many times, after action has already be taken, we will look back and be able to see our works being guided by the Spirit of the Lord.
I know this Church is true. Jesus is the Christ. We are guided by His Holy Spirit as we strive to be more like him everyday. Joseph Smith restored the true Church of Christ to the Earth and as with many ancient prophets, has sealed his work with his own blood. I love you all and pray for you daily. Be Strong and of a Good Courage!
Les amo! (I love you all)
-Elder McGinn
ps The hymn is Praise to the Man!

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