Monday, July 29, 2013


Wow, we are seeing some miracles here in Des Moines! First off, awesome that Carter got his call to Brazil and that Garen got his call to Madagascarhaha the field is white ;) Its absolutely the greatest news to hear that President Teshima and the Lakes Stake is catching the wave!!! Fasting and prayer is so powerful and remember that when you are on the Lord's errand, you are entitled to His help which comes through His Spirit. I am excited to here about how the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon the stake! Elder Andreasen does not know the Bridges b/c he graduated in 2010 so they had just moved up there. Its so sweet to have President Nielsen home in the ward! I would look to him as a guide for how to catch the Spirit of the work of salvation if you haven't yet caught it!
So here we saw a crazy tender mercy on Thursday night! So we were going to have dinner with Hermana Ruiz, but we thought it would be great if she would have Soraida and Kerlin over, so we got her approval, then asked Soraida and she said maybe...So we got over to her apt about 30 minutes before the dinner is going to start and she says that she is kinda tired and doesn't feel up to going. Well, thanks to the Spirit and a lot of study/pondering of DC 121:34-46, we persuaded her that it would be great for the kids and its free food!! So she followed us over in her car (a long drive haha) but we finally made it! We had a great dinner, Soraida was really happy and enjoyed it along with her boys. Then, for the lesson, we showed the Reflections of Christ: Another Testament slideshow (so sweet) and then taught the Doctrine of Christ. The Spirit was present and Kerlin is going to work towards being baptized on Aug 17th! This was a pure gift from God that all of that happened.
Second miracle: On Saturday, we went on a less-active/former investigator hunt. We went to visit a former when this 17 year old African kid opened the door and said he just moved from Kentucky. He said he talked to missionaries there and that he would go to Church tomorrow, so we gave him all the info. We told him that we teach people in Spanish and he pointed across the hall and was like "They speak Spanish." So we knocked it and found a lady in her early 30's in a wheel chair b/c of polio. We talked to her briefly and invited her to come to Church with us the next day. She said she used to be a "testigo de Jehova" (Jehovah's witness) but that she would love to come and learn more about "La iglesia mormona" (Mormon church haha). She needed transportation so we got her a ride set up and she came to Church yesterday with her 3 kids! They all liked it and said they want to come back next week! We have a lesson set up with her tomorrow so pray for her (Rosario). Well this was all because of the mercy of God. He has given us commandments to keep us safe and happy, just how we have many city/state laws that do the same thing for us. As we obey like a humble child, we receive joy, understanding, more capacity to love and be patient! We all have a choice though, and we will not be forced to keep these commandments, but as we do and as Soraida, Kerlin, Rosario, and their families have began doing so, we receive light and power from our Heavenly Father all because His son, Jesus Christ, suffered for each of us so we can have hope that we will rest from our cares and sorrow. I know they live and love us. We are His children and He wants us to be happy and find joy! I have learned that this is accomplished as we keep the commandments :) I love you all!
Elder McGinn

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