Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Funday

Hey hey hey family and friends!
or rather, que tal?
So believe it or not, I am actually learning some Spanish here in Iowa haha it helps being in an all Spanish Branch now for 3 months! Quite a blessing to be here and my new companion is Elder Brian Andreasen from Alpine, UT! He's a boss and a wonderful missionary! He graduated 2010 and has been out for 14 months! We are stoked to be together and we knew were going to be b/c they just switch between here in Des Moines and out in Iowa City, so that is where Elder Spackman is now!
Some logistics: I did get the note from Ian and Lindsay in the package and I wrote them a letter as well last Wed....hopefully they get it :) Layne& Tom- Thank you for the email and the picture of Adam and Ellie! If you could send out some pictures of everybody, that would be sweet (so like the whole family haha) Mom, I will figure out my ring size then let you know! Thanks for the email as well this week! Sounds like Dad and Pres Teshima got a little Alma and Amulek action goin on this week in the Willows Ward haha I love them and I miss hearing Pres. Teshima's powerful testimony and stories of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Also, I will keep praying for Ian and Lindsay! Hopefully I will have a new nephew or niece from them by the time I come back!
So Jose and Maria didn't make it to Church this week, but we are going to keep trying to get in to teach them, if not, we will at least make sure the kids (Geoffrey and Esmerelda) get a ride to church if they don't go. On the upside, this inactive lady Soraida came to Church on Sunday with her 10 year old son, Kerlin! We had a very powerful lesson with here on Thursday with the Relief Society President and her changer! She loved Church and Kerlin loved Primary and wants to be baptized, so we are grateful for that miracle from Heavenly Father. Soraida has goals for her family and her sons and she is beginning to understand that her Faith in Christ and membership in the Church will propel her towards reaching those goals she has! We have a lesson with her on Thursday so pray for her and Kerlin and Jose and Maria too please! I love you all so much and I know that Jesus Christ lives. He can help us through the trials and tribulations of life and give us hope and direction as we understand the purpose of life! I am a representative of Him and of His true and living Church. We should strive to be His disciples by showing love one to another and by working to develop His attributes, such as love, patience, hope, diligence, humility, and obedience :) All of my love!
-Elder Seth McGinn


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