Monday, December 3, 2012

Its gonna be a Humid Christmas

Hey everyone!
So this last week has been quite a wild one. The weather is crazy! Its been so humid that its actually been pretty warm and it feels like youre walking through suspended rain drops in the air! Its wild and I will attach a picture of the foggy, humid conditions. Yesterday while driving to church, you could hardly see 20 feet in front of you because of the fog and humidity, twas crazy! but Elder Arellano and I are doing great! We have some days where things just do go our way and people arent home or dont have time for a lesson or cancel our appointments but then we have days where everything goes right and you remember that "hey, the Church is true" haha but we are having lots of success thanks to your prayers and Heavenly Father's mercy. In Alma26:22-28 (just read the whole chapter haha), the great missionary Ammon talks about how success in anything, but especially missionary work is a gift from the Lord. I am learning just how true that is out here. One of our investigators, Debby, just moved into Perry, from a town on the border of our area (Guthrie Center). This is great b/c now we cant meet with here more often! We helped her move up here last week, which felt natural and very easy b/c of all the moving service that is rendered in the Palmyra Ward haha in that ward, we know how to move people haha special thanks to my dad for always dragging me out to help people move ;) but we were able to meet with her yesterday and decide together to move her baptism from Jan 12th to Dec 15th!!! We are so excited for her and she is awesome!
Also this week, we had a guy who just moved here from Africacome to our meeting. His name is Alexis and he is about 6'5, thick and should be playing professional football haha but he was very nice and humble and enjoyed testimony meeting! we are meeting with him and his family this saturday! Also, we have been helping a less-active member come back to Church. His name is Manuel, he is in his 20's and loves soccer. We went over to talk to him about temples this week and he told us that his weekly soccer game this week was at 9:30 on Sunday- right during sacrament meeting (starts at 9). He told us that he wasnt planning on going and I was able to tell him about my experience of not playing soccer on Sunday and the blessings it has brought me! He changed his mind and said he would try to come! So he showed up a little late and got to sit next to us in the back (because we have to translate from English to Spanish all the talks in sacrament meeting). As the meeting went on, I knew I had to give my testimony/introduce myself/call all the members to do more missionary work! haha so I told manuel, if I go up, he had to go up...he said he had stage-fright and cant talk in front of lots of people. I told him its easier than it looks and went up to the pulpit. I came back, nudged him and smiled and to my surprise, he got up and walked to the pulpit!!! He shared a powerful, heartfelt testimony about how he wanted to be the guy who comes to Church every Sunday and is very involved. He came back and sat down. I was so proud of him, then about 5 mins before the end of the meeting, he looks at me and says "my phone has been vibrating this whole time, I need to go play" I laughed and smiled as he got up to leave and told him to score some goals haha I wish he wouldve stayed but he came to church, bore his testimony, and missed half of his game! baby steps....line upon line!!!
Anyways, things are going good here and I hope all of you are well and healthy and excited for this Christmas season. We just got trained on using for missionary work. its a new website that the Church just put up and it is awesome for you, your family and to share with your non-member/less active friends ;) I invite all of you to go check out the website! You can watch a little nativity video, download FREE mormon tabernacle choir christmas music and get a free Bible delivered to your house by yours truly (the missionaries!!) Go check it out and share it with all your friends!
I love you all and please remember what a special season this is to remember and celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ, whose name is called "Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!" (Isaiah 9:6)
Mucho amor y cuidese mucho,
Elder McGinn
ps the picture is of me being a righteous/hard-working missionary ;) and the white specks are how the camera captures the was way foggy/humid!
Elder Seth McGinn
8515 Douglas Ave. Ste. 19
Urbandale, IA 50322

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