Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's!!!

Hey everyone!
I love you all and thank you so much for all the gifts, cards, packages, and goodies!!! I am truly grateful for all of you and love you all so much. I don't have much time, so I will be quick.
Tomorrow is a new year! Its crazy b/c I feel like 2012 just started, but here we are on the last day of the year. I have reflected on this year and the many things, more importantly, the many people who have touched my life. All the fun times, hard times, sad times, and the happy times!!! (Focus on the happy b/c they overcome the rest) Since I dont have a lot of time, but it is such a critical time for new goals and beginnings, I want all of you to watch a short, 20 minute talk by a leader of the Church. As you watch, LISTEN haha and ponder about the changes you can make in your life to be better and live happier. The talk is call "Of Regrets and Resolutions" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and here's the link:

This has helped me make my new years resolutions and I know it can and will help you make yours. I hope that we can all have one resolution in common: BE HAPPY!!!

Jesus Christ is our Savior. He restored His true Church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. My calling as a missionary of His Church is love and be happy. Sometimes I fail and become discouraged, but I look to Christ to lighten my burdens and He ALWAYS does! I hope we can all try to do the same. I love you all!
Love Elder McGinn


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