Monday, August 12, 2013

Ups and Down

Que tal everybody?
Sounds like Lake Powell was everything it was supposed to be: fun, scary, & imperfect yet perfect all at the same time! I love that place!  Quite a crazy story but its great that nothing to bad happened haha hopefully the "Toothfairy" isn't done for good but it sounds like it might be :/
Well the work keeps going here! I was a little sick this last weekend but I am feeling much better this morning.  It is one of the worst feelings being sick as a know that you only have a short time to teach others the gospel as a full time ambassador of Jesus Christ, so being sore & sick during the afternoon is not fun haha but it does help you express more gratitude for being healthy!
My companion, Elder Andreasen, is an amazing teacher and we are having a lot of fun together finding and teaching the Lord's elect. President & Sister Jensen are great and they want Mom to know that they see me and love me a lot. They love that you are housing a missionary that they knew from South Carolina. He has the keys to convert baptisms in our mission now and it is amazing to see how the Lord calls and qualifies us!
Today marks 11 months for me and its crazy to think that I have been gone from home that long. But time keeps flying by as we are already in August! Our goal as a mission for bringing souls unto Christ through baptism is 550 and we are currently at 285! We are little behind, but are so much further ahead than where we were last year at this time! Yesterday, we met with the Des Moines Stake President & the growth on the Stake level has been incredible. He said he got an email from Church headquarters asking him to write letter about how/why the growth has been so amazing. Along with things such as African refugees, great Ward Mission Leaders & full-time missionaries, he contributed all the success as a gift from the Lord and the attitude of gratitude! (cheesy right?)
Its true though! Gratitude for what we have and what we have been given will always lead us to be given more.  I am so grateful that we have a living prophet on the Earth today. Heavenly Father loves us and has given us prophets and apostles to remind us of God's eternal & stable truths in a world of shifting values. With Jesus Christ as our chief cornerstone, the scriptures, and living prophets and apostles provide us with a firm, solid foundation if we choose to listen and obey. The only true victory is a surrender; surrendering our will to Heavenly Father and being loyal to Him and His commandments. I love you all and God's truth is still marching on :)
Love Elder Seth McGinn
ps I love the song "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" and its one of my new favorites!!!

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