Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Hastening!

Que tal everybody?!
Sorry I didnt write yesterday cause things were crazy getting all this zone information ready for this new transfer. Elder Spackman and I are staying together but almost everybody else in our zone will be affected somehow from the changes. We have 6 VISA waiters for Brazil in our zone so each companionship except for one is in a tri-panionship which makes logistics difficult sometimes haha but we love it and are picking up some portugese with these elders!
This last week was pretty normal, meaning it was crazy and full of excitement. We found a new investigator named Jazmin who is 16 and after we taught her the first lesson, she agreed to be baptized! 45 minutes after that first lesson, the young womens pres picked her up and took her to mutual haha the members are the key to missionary work! Then Saturday night, the assistants to the president in our zone had a baptism of 3 wonderful people from Africa! One of them was Godgive, the little boy who we taught the Plan of Salvation to by drawing it in the dirt outside his house hah so sweet! Also, there was a lady and her daughter baptized as well and they are from Burmawho were Muslim before they began being taught by the missionaries...she hardly speaks English but we have this 18 year old member who translates and teaches with the missionaries all the time haha it was amazing and even cooler, President Jergensen baptized one of the African ladies! It was something special! Oh and Jazmin, our investigator, came to that baptismal service with the Ortega Family (where I skyped on Mothers Day), and she really enjoyed it. Only bad news is that her mom is really strong in a different church so Jazmin had to go to that church this Sunday, and couldnt come to ours but we are going to go teach her again today!
Other than Jazmin, we have no others investigators to teach, which is rough, but we spend a lot of time teaching the members because 90% of them are converts in the past 10 years and have very little gospel knowledge, so it fun teaching them! They are practically investigators, but instead of helping them be baptized, we are helping them go to the temple so they can be sealed together as a family forever! Its amazing!
Lately, I have been reading the promise "Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you." This promise is repeated in the scriptures (from the Bible to the Pearl of Great Price) more than anything else! I have been pondering to myself, how much do I really believe that? That when I pray and ask for things, do I truly believe that I will receive them or am I just going through the motions? I think its a great question we can each pose to ourselves. Christ promises us countless times that if we ask the Father for things in His name, believeing we will receive, it shall be given to us...We need not tempt our Heavenly Father and ask for things that are unrigteous or against His will, but as we increase our faith in Jesus Christ, we can pray and plead with God to give us the "righteous desires" of our hearts! Its true and I promise that its true because God is our loving Heavenly Father and He will not lie to us. He is same yesterday, today, and forever. We have faith, dont question that. Only ask yourself if you are being true to the faith that you do have and remember what Elder Holland said in this last general conference, "What we know in this Church will always be greater than what we do not know." I love you all and I know that Jesus Christ knows each of us personally and knows our struggles and difficulties. We can always turn to Him for help! Love Always,
Elder McGinn

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