Monday, June 24, 2013

La Obra de Salvacion!

Hey Family!
I love you all so much and its such a blessing to be able to write you all a letter each week! So last night, the Work of Salvation broadcast was amazing! The Spirit was so strong and I know that this Church is true. Why does that matter? Because it brings true happiness!
So this week has been pretty sweet! La familia Lara brought their friend Lydiaand her two daughters, Kimberly and Brenda to dinner on Thursday night! We were able to talk to them over dinner, then teach them about the Plan of Salvation and how they can live together brought so much peace to them as they began to understand the plan that our Heavenly Father has for the happiness of ourselves and our loved ones! They are wonderful new investigators and we look forward to teaching them again this week!
On Saturday, our little Des Moines 5th Branch (Spanish) will be going to the Nauvoo Temple!!!! I finally get to go to Nauvoo! Its going to be crazy humid, but its going to be sweet. The Alarcon familia will be sealed as a family forever, and 3 other members will be receiving their endowments, so the whole branch is going haha Im super stoked and will let you know how it goes! Also on Saturday, President and Sister Jergensen will be meeting with President and Sister Jensen! They will swap places and on next Monday we will have a zone conference with President and Sister Jensen! Its an exciting time.
A thought I had while watching the broadcast last night was how special the work of salvation is and how we can prepare ourselves to do it! I thought about my mom and dad! I love them so much and they are the example of being a disciple of Christ! They set the example for me by always being anxiously engaged in the Church, being proactive and by magnifying their callings! I also thought of Bishop Fife's youth firesides on Sunday nights and how special those were! He was proactive and that prepared us, the youth, to love serving the Lord as we saw Brother and Sister Fife sacrifice their Sunday night family time, by having all the youth over (not to mention the wonderful treats that were always provided!). We all have had wonderful examples in our lives and if we can watch and learn, then act on what we have learned, we will become wonderful examples for others. I know that the greatest example that we all have is that of Jesus Christ! I know that He loves us and that He lives today! We may not be able to see Him but we can feel His love for us as we follow His example. He is engaged in each of our lives because of that love! I love you all and make it a great week! Remember to SMILE :)
Love, Elder Seth McGinn

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