Friday, February 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Whats up everybody?! sorry so late this week but its been crazy here in the IDMM (Iowa Des Moines Misson)...crazy good that is! I got Meesh and Joe's wedding announcement!!! Thats wild!! If youre going to be making cardboard cutouts for blake and jordan, you might as well just do one for me too ;) haha We are about to get hit with a pretty good snowstorm today, so thats exciting! Araceli and Alex are doing great and are preparing for their baptisms on the 2nd. Keep them in your prayers please!
I had a couple of sweet experiences this week where I learned some really cool things in my personal study time with the scriptures. One of them was in Alma17:29-33. You should all read it and think of it as a way to do missionary work and home teaching! Its sweet how much knowledge and meaning there is throughout all the scriptures and it is so important to liken it to your own life and situation! I always loved the scriptures, but that love has grown even stronger throughout my mission as they bring me and those I teach more comfort and understanding.
I love you all and hope things are going well! Thank you for all of the prayers, love and support! I really feel it and I am also grateful for all the mail that I get :) keep sending it haha it makes my day!!! My spanish is slowly getting better and better as well as my own confidence with speaking it! The Lord has helped me out a lot with it and it been a lot of studying too. But hey I gotta go before we get caught in this storm but I love you all and know that the Church is true! Read the Book of Mormon to find out for yourself, and if you already know, read it over and over again to REMEMBER who you are and what your divine potential is! Love you all!
Elder Seth McGinn
Elder Seth McGinn
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