Monday, October 14, 2013

Go Hawkeyes!

Hey there,
So Thursday I was transferred to Iowa City and so far it is sweet! It is where the Univ. of Iowa is and campus is the whole town haha. We have a lot of really smart Med. students in our ward (Iowa City 4th Ward) and lots of professors from the univ too. Its awesome.
Angel was baptized on Saturday in Des Moines!!! He is such an awesome kid and his mom is really regaining her faith as she is coming back to Church. Saturday, was a ward temple trip, so luckily we got to go to the Nauvoo temple again!!! (talk about counting your many blessings) It was amazing. My new companion is Elder Bates from Logan, UT and he was at BYU the same time I was there. We get along great and in the celestial room in the temple, we talked about plans for the next transfer with the 4th ward and with the Iowa City zone. Probably, the BEST place to do some transfer planning ;) We got a ride back with our bishop, Bishop Gelder, and he is so sweet!!! For the 2 hour car ride, we went through the ward directory name-by-name and talked about how us and the ward can work together to strengthen them. Work of Salvation status!
Mom and Dad, we just moved in with members on Friday when I got here (they were living in an apt before). So karma haha They are the Hunger Family and they have 4 boys, ages 15, 13, 11 and 9! So we are excited to set a good example for them and strengthen their desires to be great missionaries. We live in the basement and its a really nice set up for us. So mom, let me know what things I should do or not do as a missionary living with members!
Right now, we are teaching a man named Milord who is from the Republic of Congo. Yeah, he is great and we are working with his wife as well, but she only speaks French. But they have a baptismal date for Nov 2nd! Its exciting to be here and I feel really good about the potential we have here. Through faith, doors are opened. We tap into the power and miracles of God, our Heavenly Father! I know that He lives and loves us, along with His Son, Jesus Christ. They want us to be happy and that is what we offer, peace, purpose, and direction! This is His gathering of scattered Israel, His covenant people. I know this work is DIVINE! Have a great week, smile, and know that I love you!
Elder McGinn
This is Angel who got baptized! Right before I left!

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