Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Robert C. Gay

Hey family and friends!
Its was a life changing week. We had a Seventy (general authority of the Church who helps the Apostles) come and visit our mission, Elder Robert C. Gay. He is something else...absolutely an amazing man.  He has done tons of amazing things in his life, but is so humble, wise, and loving. He taught us all many things, but I felt very deeply impressed and impacted by the way he taught and the stories from his life that he shared.
I don't have much time, but simply put, how much do we believe the words, life, and love of Jesus Christ? It is a matter of faith, hope, and charity! I learned that with faith in Jesus Christ and His love, we can show Heavenly Father that we are willing to walk through the doors that He will open for us. Faith is an amazing thing and it has everything to do with consecration, or giving everything you've got and laying it all on the line!  This week was so life changing for me because it changed my mindset, or the way I see things and think about things! We can have so much more than we now have with the correct application of faith and hope and charity to our lives! I loved it and am super excited for general conference coming up, where we will here counsel from our modern day prophet, Thomas S. Monson, his 2 counselors, and the 12 apostles!

As for our area, the branch is really starting to catch the wave or vision of every member a missionary. Its not a change in the way they live, but rather, a change in the way they think about others they see as they live their life. We set a date with this awesome 9 year old kid named Angel as his less-active mom is coming back to Church! Rosario and her family are doing good, we are just praying and fasting that she can act on the spiritual witness that she has received that the Book of Mormon is true and so it this church! I love these people and its so hard to help them repent and change, but is so great when they do keep commitments and feel the Spirit! Patience is a virtue and it involves persistence in being bold to invite and loving to understand and uplift! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Enjoy the changing seasons too! All my love, Elder McGinn 

ps Picture of Elder Andreasen (my companion), me, and Elder Kilpatrick (a zone leader up in Ames who I served around in Muscatine). Also, you'll see the transfer van that I drove to Iowa City and back haha the elders and sisters said I should look into a professional career as a bus driver but I think I'll pass on that one :)

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