Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey family!!! I love you all :) We have gotten some crazy rain storms this past week and so the Mississippihas flooded over, into the streets a little bit (see picture) its sweet!!! So I titled the email curveballs because thats what I got this last Saturday. I've already been in Muscatinefor a transfer, so that means we got transfer calls last Saturday (when you find out if you are staying in your area or getting transferred to a new area). Elder Arellano is going home this transfer and I have been training Elder Miranda which is a 12-week training program, so I thought, we probably wont even get called until later in the day and they will tell us that Elder Arellano is going home and Elder Miranda and I will stay here because he has only been here 4 weeks (note the 12 week training program). Well, President Jergensen called early in the morining and said "Elder McGinn, can you handle a curveball?" haha He went on to tell me that he was releasing me as a trainer and that he was calling me to be a zone leader. I was like "Okay...sweet!" haha it was crazy! So I will be getting transferred on Thursday. President is creating a new zone in the mission and it will have Spanish zone leaders, so I will be either going to wherever this new zone will be or to Iowa Citywhere the zone leaders are Spanish speaking elders. So I will let you know where I am head next week!
Besides that craziness, we have been hard at work serving others. The reason a "mission" is so wonderful is because you truly begin to learn the divine lesson that another person's comfort and success is more important than your own. I'm not saying you dont take care of yourself and anything like that, but through serving others and sincerely caring for their well-being, you will find yourself happier, more peaceful, and with a more positive attitude! This is the lesson that Jesus Christ wants us to learn from His life. He set the example for us by teaching and showing that as we love one another, we will find true happiness and peace in this life and we will be preparing ourselves to live with our eternal families in Heaven! So think about this!!! As we truly love others, especially our own family and friends, we will brighten their lives and that light will replace the darkness in our own lives. What goes around comes around (right Dad? haha) So send love and unselfish service around and I promise you will be blessed for it and be able to recognize the blessing that come from it! I love you all and thank you for all your prayers and support! They keep me going and help me serve these wonderful people here in Iowa:) Con todo mi Amor,
Elder McGinn
Elder Seth McGinn
IowaDes Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave. Ste. 19
Urbandale, IA 50322


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