Monday, January 28, 2013

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Hey family and friends!
Im still alive out here in Iowa, even though we had a crazy/awesome/dangerous/sweet ice storm! It was definitely a first time experience for me haha I am staying warm though and still working hard each day. The other day, we were teaching a lesson about the Restoration with a less active member and we watched this little movie about the Restoration and the experience that Joseph Smith had while a young man. Afterwards, we asked her how she felt, she said that it was hard to explain. She said that her heart was pounding pretty good and that it was like a sort of rush when the movie portrayed God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith as he prayed to know which Church he should join. We explained to her that this feeling was the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of God- the Comforter that Christ explained He would send down to bear witness of the truth. I thought about the scripture in the Book of Mormon where the prophet Moroni writes "And by the power of the Holy Ghost, you may know the truth of all things." I then testified to her of how that feeling is the Holy Ghost communicating to her that what she was watching was true. God really did appear to a 14 year old boy and He introduced His Son, Jesus Christ to the boy Joseph and Christ explained that His true church was not upon the Earth becuase of the wickedness of the people but that He had plans for Joseph to restore His true Church in due time. I know that this really did happen. The evidence that God has given to us to know for ourselves if its true is the Book of Mormon! A testament of Jesus Christ written by inspired prophets. We can hold that book, feel its pages, read its words and ponder its message in our hearts, then we can kneel down in prayer and ask God if it is true. I promise that we will feel that power of the Holy Ghost come over us. We will feel peace and comfort in our heart and our minds. It is a very real experience when God tells you the Book is True. Then everything else falls in line. Joseph Smith was who he said he was, a prophet of God. This is God's Church on the earth and Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and leads it through calling prophets and apostles. I know this is all true because I have read the Book of Mormon, pondered it in my heart and sincerely asked God if its true. And I know with a surety that it is the word of the Lord. We are His children. He loves us with a perfect love. He is willing to forgive us for the mistakes we make if we turn to Him and He wants to bless us but we have to be loyal and obedient to Him so we qualify for those blessings. I love you all! I think about you often and am so grateful for the memories that we have together. I cherish those experiences and they give me fuel to keep pressing forward! Keep working and striving and pushing, especially if the times are hard! The Lord will pull you through as you show Him your effort. Love ya!
Elder Seth McGinn ;)

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