Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 1 is done!

Whats up family and friends??!

Week 1 is over and yes, today is my Preparation Day so its kind of funny b/c I havent talked to anybody in a week!

Me and Elder Pena (pronounced Penya)

So my companion is Elder Pena from Layton, Utah and he is an awesome guy! He has actually been living in Japan for the last 2 years b/c his dad has a job in connection with the Air Force. But he went to the U for 2 semesters and he was pretty excited when some students from BYU told us how Utah beat BYU when BYU had a couple chances to win it at the end. Anywho, thats besides anything that I have been doing this week. They keep us super busy which is great, but crazy. 

The Spanish is coming along great. I can understand it so well all the time, but speaking it is a little
bit harder. We have already started to teach a mock investigator named Silvio though from Argentina. Basically, we teach a guy who is a teacher here at the MTC, but he acts in full character as someone that he taught on his mission.  Its great practice! We are doing well with him and have already got him to start reading the Book of Mormon, especially 2 Nefi 31, which talks about la doctrina de Cristo (the Doctrine of Christ) which is la fe (faith), el arrepentimiento (repentance), el bautismo (baptism) and so on. We play to ask him to be baptized tonight! He likes to play soccer so I use soccer as a reference to teach the gospel because he doesn't have much of a religious background. 

But the MTC is great so far, our teacher, Hermano (brother) Reading is the best! I am learning so much everyday and am growing to learn the importance of a simple testimony about the restoration of
the gospel through Joseph Smith. That is what makes this church the true church on the Earth. Other churches believe in Jesus Christ, in the sacrament, in health codes, tithing, and special temples or synagogues. But our message is that of the restoration of the original Church that Christ established on the Earth, with the proper priesthood authority (right to act in the name of Jesus Christ). This is the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and all of our credibility as a religion hinges on the experiences in the early 1800's. Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,
did appear to Joseph Smith. Through him, they restored the authority to act in his name, the same authority he gave to Peter, James, and John in the New Testament. And most importantly, they had a work for Joseph Smith to do, to translate the Book of Mormon which contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm excited to teach people this great message and to ask them to grow closer to their Father in Heaven and His Son! 

I love you all and miss you. Mom- I put On-Guard on my feet every night and that unique smell reminds me so much of you all. I love you and take care.
Cuidese mucho. (take care).
-Elder McGinn
ps Thanks for the letters and DearElders!

Me and Elder DallasTeshima

Me and Elder Dallin Cutler


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